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            The four key trends of the industrial packaging market are known
            From:Conbulk   Time:2017-08-22
            According to research by the Smithers Pira, the global industrial packaging market was worth $48.6 billion in 2013 and is expected to reach $61 billion by 2020. And the data show that the biggest market share of packaging industries (31%) in 2020 has now moved to Asia, previously in Western Europe and North America. Asian market share will grow to 34 per cent between 2015 and 2020, compared with 28 per cent in Western Europe and a decline in market share in some major countries.

            Four main sources of industrial packaging users:

            ? chemicals and pharmaceuticals

            ? industrial products

            ? bulk food and beverages

            ? construction and construction

            These industries have begun to recover since the global recession in 2008, but to varying degrees, which will also have a partial impact on global markets.

            Today, the most important parts of industrial packaging are chemicals and pharmaceuticals, accounting for more than 30 per cent of total sales. More than three-quarters of the steel barrels and the rigid medium bulk containers (IBC) in the chemical market are in plastic buckets. In 2013, a third of the battle between the steel barrel and the IBC market will reach 36 percent in 2020, and the IBC market will see its strongest growth forecast. In addition, many low-volume chemicals and packaging to be used will stop using bags. Bag packaging will fall from 27% to 25%, and bags will be further mechanized.


            Reducing environmental impact is the pressure on the whole packaging market. Now sustainable packaging has introduced legislation that requires packaging to reduce pollution, recyclable and reusable. Reusing metal packaging is an important trend because it can extend the product life cycle and allow limited resources to be recycled. Many studies have demonstrated that steel recycling was not damage to the environment than mining of crude oil, the recovery process will also significantly reduce air and water pollution, and can save energy and water and reduce the production of waste.

            Reduce the thickness of plastic film

            Engineers are working to improve packaging performance and reduce the use of materials. For example, a conventional plastic bucket now weighs about 9.08 kg, compared with about a third lighter than the same product in the 1970s. Reducing the use of packaging materials can also reduce logistics costs, and industrial packaging designers will further improve innovation.

            Optimize packaging shape

            Packaging will yield better performance in the process of development, optimizing the shape of packaging to reduce logistics costs and distribution costs while reducing the use of materials. At present, the influence of package volume on logistics chain is gradually improving. The advantages of cylindrical steel or plastic barrels are very safe, but they cannot be used effectively in mechanical handling. While rectangular rigid IBC packaging tight get together, so the gap know packaging container by more and more companies use, this kind of packing can improve the efficiency of transportation, also can improve business efficiency.


            Government and public organizations are most interested in controlling packaging waste, and industrial packaging needs special attention.

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