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            About Us

                   JIANGYIN CONBULK PACKING CO.,LTD was found in 2007,listed company of NEW OTC (over-the-counter) Market, aiming to apply itself to provide better items and service to the world in the field of IBC & plastics pesticide container.
                Since 2008, we have passed the ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system and so on. What’s more, we also got the certification from China Classification Society. It’s been a great pleasure to be honored as “Jiangsu Hi-Tech Enterprise”,”Jiangsu Small & Medium Sized Technology Based Firms”,”Jiangsu Enterprise Credit Management Certificate”,”Wuxi Well-Known Trademark” and so on.
                Over the years, in terms of introducing high-tech talents, upgrading product level as well as enhancing competitiveness, we have achieved mutual benefits and common development based on the win-win situation, through the platform of industry-research with universities. We have established a comprehensive cooperation of industry-study-research with University of the South, followed by Jiangsu University. Now we have become their practice base. We have successfully developed IBC production technology. So far, we have acquired 26 patents on IBC packaging thanks to the self-reflection and summary of the advanced methods during the process, also the faith in law protection. It’s safe to say that we finally stand out in the field, and draw much attention.
                Our competitive item is IBC, which is a new generation of industrial packing containers. It is attached with pallet, which makes mechanized handing easier. Because of the proper design of structure, high bearing capacity, recyclable, efficient, intensified and environmental-friendly, it has been widely used in liquid manufacturing, such as petrochemical, dyestuff, intermediate, pesticide, brewing, daily chemical, and beverage. Besides, it is suitable for water & land transportation, even more suitable for exportation of standard containers in particular.
                Our “CONBULK”IBC items have many features as below: safer, more economy, environmental-friendly and professional. We have confidence that we will continue to be the leader and motivator in this big trend of liquid packing.
                We have fully applied ERP network system which improves and updates the whole digital system and network environment, bringing convenience and efficiency in production, management and other aspects. Due to the fierce competition, we have already learnt to pay more attention to quality, service and environment protection. With the unremitting efforts of all colleagues, our products have earned high reputation among customers, which encourages us to continue to strive for excellence. Our goal is to create values for more customers, to creative opportunities for more employees, to add increment for investors. We would like to hand in hand with you to make a better tomorrow.
                CONBULK PACKING, quality assurance, trusts worthy.

            Copyright@Jiangyin conbulk packing co.,ltd   Record number:蘇ICP備12047110號   Tel:0510-86398888   Fax:0510-86396888   E-mail:conbulkibc@163.com

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